Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st Sunday Snippets: Almost

Last weekend I was on vacation in Victoria, BC. Love that city. Someday I'm going to have to write a story based in the city so I can have a "writing retreat" or "research trip" and then be able to write it off on my taxes. :P During our vacation we visited Victoria Butterfly Gardens. What a magical place. Complete with love ducks, which I thought was appropriate since we were celebrating our 7 year anniversary.

So I'm going to keep this short. I'm kinda under a bit of a writing crunch. I have 30K words left to write on my YA fantasy that I want to pitch at RWA nationals, which is in three weeks. *insert freakout here* Of course I've majorly procrastinated the last month, but I do work well under pressure.

Without farther ado, here's a snippet from my WIP. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. *waves & dives back into writing cave*


“I did not trust you. I still am unsure if I do now.”

“Trust is earned,” I say, resting hands rest on his smooth tight chest. The warmth of his skin seeps into my palms. “And that takes time.”


His gaze drifts down to my lips and I suck in my breath. The hunger in his eyes is unmistakable. He wants me. The skin of my face prickles in anticipation as his lowers head ever so slowly. I close my eyes awaiting the inevitable.

“Well, what have me here?”

I finch at booming voice behind me followed by a trio ultra high pitched whistles. The corners of my mouth brush that of the Prince’s, a groan of frustration escaping his lips.

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