Sunday, January 22, 2012

4th Sunday Surprise: Fins

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Did you notice the blog title banner? Take a look, I can wait...


*checks email*

*checks twitter*

*tickles kitty-on-lap's head*

Oh, hi, you're back. So did you notice anything different? Yup, I did it again and there ain't no oops about it. I changed the title to match my writing and what this blog is about.

Why fins? Well, if you somehow missed the picture above, it's referring to mermaids. Yes, I'm working on a merfolk series. Last summer I wrote a short fantasy story that was inspired by a really cool dream I had. Every month I would add little more to the story. In November I took the plunge and added a mermaid. Suddenly a whole series of plots involving merfolk began to develop. Currently my short story is out in submission, hopefully the requesting editor likes it enough to say the long awaited yes.

Meanwhile, I've been getting my butt whipped by Editpalooza from Savvy Authors. My new year's resolution was to learn to edit. Holy mole, I'm learning, but it's worse than getting a bikini wax and a root canal at the same time. In the last two weeks I've had more emotional outbursts and breakdowns than my entire writing life. But this is good. I need to be pushed to outside of my comfort zone because ultimately I want to publish my writing and learning how to edit will be the key to success.

Hopefully I'll have some good news for you soon. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for next Sunday.... hint a giveaway will be commencing....



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