Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi folks. I just had to post a blog on this date. All these ones, how could a pass the opportunity? Also I had to share milestone.

Okay ya ready for this????

Today I received my first email correspondence from a publishing agent. It was sort of a rejection. Yes my first rejection of many more to come!!!!!

Confused??? Let me share a little background story. Last August I attended my first Writer's Conference through Willamette Writer's. At the conference were many agents that for a small fee you could sign up to pitch your idea or book too. Even though I didn't have a finished manuscript (The Vampire Novelist) to pitch, I signed up for it anyways, because I wanted to practice pitching. The agent I spoke with wasn't even representing the genre I was writing in, but all others were taken.
This is were it gets crazy. He liked my idea and asked for my first chapter and whatever else I had written so far. Before our appointment was over he wrote his address email down on a piece of paper and told me to email him the rest of the manuscript when I was finished. His words didn't really sink in until I arrived home that evening. That's about the time I started to freak and shriek. In the conference brochure, they had clearly stated that when pitching to agents not to give them anything unless they ask and don't be offended if they don't because most of the time they won't. My first agent encounter and he was hooked!!!
Time passed and I paused the project to work on my craft. I sent him an email telling him it would take longer than I expected.
He replied today to say to wish me luck, but that he was leaving agenting and going into publishing. So why am I sharing this? Because even though he won't be representing me (I never expected him too), the fact remains my story had peeked his interest and he took the time to write back.
So with that I will continue to wear my silly grin with pride as I sit my butt down and start a new chapter of my current unnamed project.

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