Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fictioneers: Blue

I had loads of fun writing this one. Thank you Madison Woods for the photo prompt (here is her short) and everyone stopping by today. You're input and comments are welcome.

The infinite sky surrounding the airship, the vast Pacific below, the metallic floor beneath her feet, the starch-pressed slacks covering her long slender legs, the cotton button-up shirt she wore, the backwards baseball cap on her head, the clear half-filled water glass sitting next to the flashing buttons on the control panel, and even the few symbols and labels decorating the dashboard—blue.

Everything around Kiera was a shade of blue. The only color she’d known for the last twenty-eight days. She sighed echoing the mood of the relentless hue. In the distance she saw the speck. Green. Land. Mission-accomplished.

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Ooo I wonder what her job is? Is she an explorer? Is she in the Military? What a great opening. Here is my share:

    1. She is in the military. Good guess. :)

  2. That blue feeling and then the perk that ends it. Enjoyed much!

  3. Your deft use of adjectives and descriptive words makes two paragraphs of a short story a joy to read.

    Thanks for stopping by to read mine.

    For other readers:

  4. Wow. That's really awesome! Here's mine:

  5. Wonderful - you drew me in wondering what she was doing, and then resolved it with that dash of green! A very visual story.

    Here's mine -

  6. What a neat take on the prompt--enjoyed it immensely.

    Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. I could feel that she had enough of blue at the end there and very nice description of your character and surroundings.

    Here is mine

  8. Delightful take on the prompt. Nice feeling to it. Have a feeling she's delighted to see a patch of green which may or may not be her final landing dock. Here's mine:

  9. Who knew there was too much blue?

    Mine is here:

  10. Well, that was actually a twist! You led us into the idea of how wonderful her place on board was, from her slacks to her glass of water, and then we find out that she is totally sick of blue - that lovely hue that dominates the photo prompt this week!
    interesting use of the prompt,
    who is found here:

  11. Thanks everyone for you sweet comments & for sharing you lovely stories. I've really enjoyed reading them.