Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet and Spicy

What you see my friends is my maiden batch of peach-jalapeno jelly. I found the recipe from a magazine my coworker brought to work. It caught my attention because I had a small box of peaches about to go south in the fridge and just harvested several jalapeno peppers off the plant growing on my balcony. I figured, what the heck.

This was my first time making jelly. The whole process took maybe two hours from beginning to clean-up. While listening to the popping sound of sealing lids, I dipped corn chips into the bowl of jelly foam I had scrapped off before ladling the golden thick liquid into the jars. Sweet with a hint of spiciness and an explosion of salty-savory.

How does this tie into writing? Well, that's how I like my romance. Sweet-romantic, spicy-got to have some heat, salty- to balance the sweetness, and savory- a satisfying ending.

Happy reading/writing and sweet-spicy-salty-savory weekend to you all.


PS. DragonFlame I'm going to give you till next Monday (September 19th) to reply. If I have not heard from you, I will draw another winner for Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside.

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