Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cowboys and Vampires.

Last month I gave out a personalized copy of The Cowboy and The Vampire for my one year blog anniversary. As a thank you, I got to download a copy of the novella Red Winter written by Clark Hays, one of the authors of TCATV. 

Due to the crazy schedule I've been entertaining these days, I didn't have a chance to sit down and read it till this afternoon. What a treat. After the week I had, this was a great way to escape for a little shoot-them-up, throw in some whiskey, a couple of crazies, and a vamp. 

It's a short read, about 12K words. What I liked about it was the voice. Clark does such a great job bringing out the western drawl spiked with his classic style of humor.

The story is about Lone Pine, Wyoming (the same place as in TCATV), but set in the 1800's. Winter is setting in when people start turning up dead and not in a pretty sort of way. The town sheriff, Early, (awesome name) has his hands full as he tries to put an end to the blood-bath and kill the SOB causing the mayhem. 

My favorite character is Joe, the crazy wolfer who says "That sumbitch won't die."

At first when I read the ending I thought it seemed a bit anticlimactic after all the built tension. But after second thought, I realized it was quite fitting and an excellent way to finish the story, because now we have the possibility for more tales to come from Lone Pine. Which, by-the-way, I'm all for. 

I ain't going to tell ya anymore cause you just gonna have to read it for yourself. Here is the link to Smashwords:

And Amazon:

As we get closer to Halloween, this would make a lovely e-read for when the nights get crispy and you need to curl by the fire with a cup of coffee and a shot of whiskey.

In other news, stay tuned to an upcoming newly developed blog schedule. 




  1. Hey Melania! Thanks for the review of Red Winter. Keep an eye out for other books coming out of Pumpjack Press!

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for the fun read.