Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reading, reading, and more reading....

I've been working on Six Roses for the last couple of days or shall I say been attempting to. However, I've found myself completely immersed in different author's blogs. The one that has captivated my attention is Aprilynne Pike, fantasy YA author of Wings and Spells. She started her blog in May 2006 and it wasn't until November 2007 that she got her book contract through Harper Collins. It was May 2009 that her debut novel Wings came out. Yesterday I read all of her 2006 posts. Today the 2007. Two more years and two more days to go. It's been interesting seeing her posts change over the course of two years. Her blog gives me great hope.

The other blog that has peaked my interest is Jeaniene Frost, a phenomenal urban fantasy author I discovered recently (read a short story of hers in the anthology Death's Excellent Vacation and was hooked at first bite. Waiting for the first book of her series Halfway to the Grave to be ready for pickup at the library.) She gives a timeline from the moment she started her writing to publishing process. It took her over four years from the time she started writing to when her first book published!!!

Does this discourage me? Absolutely not. Getting a book published is a dream of mine. Getting there will be extremely challenging at times and there would be days I want to give up. BUT it can be done and in the case of Jeaniene, she didn't know anything about the publishing industry and look how far she's made it.

Yes sometimes it's necessary to take a break from writing and read what the professionals have to say about it. Hear their story and their struggles. It really inspires me to push forward. Who knows maybe this time next year, I might be posting something to the affect of "OMG, I got a book deal!"


PS. I'm currently reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Can hardly put it down.

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