Sunday, November 28, 2010


Being open to learning is something I strongly encourage as well as practice. Today I learned about KISS ~Keep it Simple, Stupid. Seems basic and rather common sense, but you'd be surprised how we humans love to complicate our lives with insignificant nonsense.
I took a week break from my novel, The Vampire Novelist, basically because I was at a stand still. I know where to take the story and what's suppose to happen, but I just couldn't get it written in an manner that wouldn't put the reader, never mind the writer, to sleep. My solution: just stop and take a break. During this week long break, it finally hit me what was happening. Besides the possibility that I may have a mild case of ADD, I realized I was over complicating the story for the sake of having an interesting plot. At the same time I read some online advice from other published authors of urban fantasy. What I learned from them was, that revising and editing one book for about six months before starting on the next is good practice for a beginner writer. So TVN is going on hold for a while now and I have begun revisiting my first novel Six Roses.
This is where the KISS comes in. The whole reason I scraped that book after spending almost a year writing and rewriting it was that it sucked. Why did it suck? Because I overcomplicated the plot. Therefore before I write anything else I'm going to polish, edit, simplify, and rewrite my vampire baby till it shines.
Keep it Simple Stupid!!!

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