Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Writer's Faire and other things....

Hello my lovelies,
Bless you all for your loyalty to this aspiring author/blogger. May karma bring you an abundance of goodies, especially during this holiday season. Speaking of holidays, I about peed my pants when I looked at my work calendar this morning and realized that Christmas is next week. I KNOW, Right??? Thankfully I have all my shopping done which consists of a few gift cards for family that live far away. For those close by I either bake something or give a homemade canned something.

*Spoiler Alert* This year its Salsa. *End Spoiler*

Okay so anyways...back to writing. The last three days have been super productive. I just love it when all the words come so easily and my fingers tap away at a musical speed. YES. YES. YES. Me loves it indeed. So for those who haven't read my blog in a while, let me catch you up. For those who have, bare with me.
So about three weeks ago I decided to revisit my first novel Six Roses and spend some good quality time polishing it up and making it shine. This has been a really great experience this far.

The biggest accomplishment to date is that I have finally found the voice for one of my characters. This is HUGE, because I have been struggling with this ever since I started writing almost two year ago. I've rewritten one book twice (Six Roses) and I've more then half way done with another. All them my main character has the same voice. BORING!!!!!

When I decided to re-write SR (for the third time) I also decided to change some of the chapters and write it from the other main characters' point of view. This actually forced me to start playing with the voice-thing, because the two that I'm working with is a 500 year old vampire and a 18 year old gypsy apprentice (also male). Very different voices indeed. Yesterday I finally nailed the gypsy boy. I had written a whole chapter from his view point and suddenly realized that the voice had changed. It was VERY different from the main female character. You have no idea how happy this makes me!

Okay so other news is that last week I went to the Willamette Writer's Faire and I got to meet some of the most amazing published authors that are local to either Portland or the Willamette Valley. I even bought some books. For your viewing pleasure here are the ones that caught my attention and I actually had some conversations. You can click on the title to go to their website.

1. Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall "The Cowboy and the Vampire" I only had enough money in my purse to buy this book and of course they were kind enough to sign it for me. For all you vampire lovers out there, this one is golden. I'm half way done with it and currently am battling with myself as to whether to write or read. I'm at 50/50 compromise at the moment, but will probably finish it this weekend.
2. Inara Scott "Delcroix Academy: the Candidates" This is a children/YA book. Very Percy Jackson and the Olympians meets Harry Potter and parties with Gossip Girls. In fact the author shares the same publisher/editor as Rick Riordan. I talked to her the longest. She was so nice and gave me so many tips and sources for beginner writers. She also gave me the first chapter to read. Of course, I was hooked and as soon as I got home I ordered it on Amazon.
3. Erin Cole "Grave Echoes" This is a mystery that is based here in Portland. How cool is that?! I haven't had a chance to read it, but it's on my list to read after I'm done with the ones I already bought. She was a delight to speak with and I look forward to diving into her suspense-filled world.
4. Kaylin McFarren "Flaherty's Crossing" This is a Romance and I'm adding it to my list because the main character is Irish. I kinda have a thing for the Irish. :) It actually looks pretty good. Maybe I'll save this one for vacation.

That's about it for now. Wow this is my longest post yet!

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  1. Thanks for letting me ready Delcroix Academy before you started it. :) It was a blast!