Sunday, October 2, 2011

1st Sunday Snippets

Greetings friends,

Welcome to my new blog schedule. I'm going to be blogging every Sunday and this is what you can expect:

1st Sunday Snippets: I get share a short scene or piece of dialogue no greater than 10 or 11 lines of my WIP.

2nd Sunday Savors: I talk about writing or share any helpful advice I’ve gleaned along the way.

3rd Sunday Sweets: Where I review a book I’ve recently read and loved.

4th Sunday Surprises:  Well, it's a surprise. 

I developed this schedule as a means to keep me on task and for you to hold me to it. Of course if anything new or exciting happens during the week, I'll definitely share it. But for now this is the plan Stan. So here it goes. 

Currently I'm working on two different projects: a contemporary romance novella and revision of my vampire novel. For today I'll share a snippet from the vampire novel. Originally the story focused more on the vampire side of things, but in the revision I'm adding more supernatural elements such as elves and shape shifters. My heroine is a young human woman raised by a vampire family. She discovers she has a past she didn't even know she had until assassins and mercenaries began showing up on her front step. This scene is taken about 1/4 into the MS and right before the inciting incident.

I stopped dead in my tracks. After three days of running, I would not go down like a hunted animal. Everyone I loved was dead because of me. My home destroyed. I had nowhere to go. Despite my efforts I failed—miserably. It had to end now before any more innocent people died. 

I raised my arms above my head. With careful steps I turned to face the relentless hunter. The sounds of the leaves crunching under my feet and the wind whistling through the trees blended with the violent thumping in my chest. 

He stood several dozen feet away. His unnatural green eyes watched me from behind his bow primed with the lethal arrow awaiting release.

“Do. It.” I said through a taught jaw. 

Death faced me and I welcomed it with open arms. 

Thanks for reading! 2nd Sunday Savors next week.



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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love the idea of a "Sunday schedule."