Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Manuscript Submission Bootcamp Week 1


As promised, here is my update (in bullet points no less):

  • The Vampire Novelist is 50% complete. Okay I've been at 50% before but this time I'm pushing through. With the new plotted outline, beginning, and ending, I had to cut out about 50% of the 50% I had already written. Everything from now on is pretty much brand new material. and so far I think it's much better than the original. My beta readers agree. 
  • The Right Way is complete, but I'm changing the ending a bit and rewrote the first three chapters. Now I just need them critiqued and they'll be ready to be sent in. 

I have 45K words left to complete TVN. Will I be able to in 10 days so I can meet my goal I put in last month at my RWA chapter meeting? We'll see. . .

Stay tuned.


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