Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Submission Bootcamp Week 2

It's 2:30 in the morning, I really should be sleeping, however my sleep schedule has been completely turned bass ackwards. For the last week, I wake up around 2 every morning, because I start to dream about a scene or something related to writing my book. What's unfortunate about the situation is I can't just go back to bed when the sun comes up like the vampires. No, I have to return to the human world and to my very human job.

So these days my appearance resembles that of a possible druggie. Drug of choice-tall soy tazo chai (somedays it's a grande, others I require a venti). Thank you Starbucks! I can always count on you to be there for me.

How's my writing going? Thank you for asking. It's going quite well. Slower than I would like, but currently I'm at 66% completion on the The Vampire Novelist. Last weekend I wrote a scene which basically drained me of all creative energy. It was a very intimate scene which lays the foundation of the relationship between my two love birds. By Sunday night I was completely wiped out. Monday I could barely write a paragraph to continue the story.

What did I do? I toured the morgue of the hospital where I work and picked up the first season of Vampire Dairies from the library. Yesterday I picked up where I left off, however, now I'm completely addicted the VD and have to finish the season. Hello, I need to know what happens between Stefan and Elena!!! Is she going to turn into a vampire? What's the deal with her biological mother? Or this Katherine woman who turned Stefan and Damon? In case no one has watched the show, IT'S REALLY GOOD. Now I'm going to have to read the books this summer.

As for my goal to finish it before my chapter meeting, nah, it ain't happening and I'm okay with it. However last week, I emailed the editors and agents interested in my work letting them know it would be a while before I would send in my partial. The agent and the editor at the top of my list actually emailed me back the next day and said "I look forward to reading it when it's finished." First of all, I never expected them to reply back let alone within 12 hours. Yeah, there is a reason I have my eye on those two, because their level of professionalism is what inspires me as a writer to improve my craft and work harder. I told them the end of May, so now the ball is in my court and I need to raise up and deliver.

TTFN, but stay tuned for next week's post. Hint: vampires. Possible pictures and a few fun historical facts.


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