Friday, October 8, 2010

Something new

Happy Friday,
Normally when I am writing I sit on the couch or in bed with pillows propping me up. I also write on the MAX on the way to work. Tonight I am trying something new. I'm going to write at my kitchen table next to my newly canned jars of salsa. Why the change? No real reason, just want to do something different. We shall see if it works. So far my cat Earl is scratching on the balcony door to go outside and my cat Mitzu is on my lap wanting my undivided attention. I open the door to let them outside only to hear the next door neighbors kid outside throwing the mother of all tantrums. *sigh* Time to bring out the old headphones and turn on Pandora. Ah, much better.
Must finish Chapter 15. However I'm having the most difficult time, because all I want to do is go to Six Roses, my first novel, and make all these new modifications to the story that have been bouncing off the walls of my brain. They say you should stick with the story you are working on and finish it. Well, I'm going to compromise. For each chapter that I finish for The Vampire Novelist, I will allow myself to go and make one change to Six Roses. This way I'm not breaking the rules; not really.
After a long Friday afternoon nap, I'm revving that ol' creative motor up. It's going to be a long night. :)

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