Sunday, October 17, 2010

Slow Progress

Hello World,
It is almost 5 am on a Sunday morning. My brain is going in a million directions. I know that I should write something, but so much is coming through my fingers can't keep up and most of it is a confusing cluster of nonsense. This my friends is what happens when you open the creative channels. Sometimes great stuff comes through, other times it's all jumbled up making no sense at all.
So I'm going to start typing and hope that something sensible will come out so I can finish chapter 17. I'm at a point in the story where not much is happening to move the story. My main character is in a hospital bed recovering from acute blood loss anemia and several mysterious injuries. I know what happens next, but I'm really struggling on how to word this next phase of my character's life without boring the reader. It is during this time that everything changes in her life so it's important. With that being said, I will say good-bye for now so I can make sense of the madness that demands to be written. Cheers!

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