Sunday, September 23, 2012

4th Sunday Surprise: Mermaids

I've been busting my tail feathers trying to help hubby finish the new flooring in the house, plus canning a bunch of stuff for winter, and finishing up my contest judging assignments, which means I haven't written a darn thing in weeks. Yes, I said I would take a break from writing, but it's so much part of my life that when I don't do it for a week, I start feeling a little crazy. It's all those silly characters in my head who get a little vocal when I don't tell their story, so much so that they think it's appropriate to wake me up at 2 in the morning. *sigh* It's all part of being an author.... 

Speaking of authors, one of my favorite spiritual authors is Doreen Virtue. She writes about working with the angels and elementals (fairies, mermaids, dolphins, unicorns, etc.) Her work is a source of inspiration when I write about the paranormal. I follow her on Facebook and Twitter and she posts videos about her mermaid adventures. Here’s one of them that I really like. It's a little long but so beautiful. Enjoy.


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