Monday, August 15, 2011

New Ideas...

Hello and Happy Monday!

It's been two weeks since the contest. I've enjoyed reading the comments and seeing what you all love. Most of series mentioned I've read but there were a few I haven't and are now on my TBR list. Just a reminder the contest ends August 31 so there is still time to add your comment (if you haven't already) and enter to win a personalized copy of either Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side or The Cowboy and the Vampire.

A HUGE thank you to those who have tweeted, facebooked, and blogged about the contest. A GINORMOUS thank you those of you who are now followers of this blog.

Writing Update:
The Vampire Novelist- first round of submissions all but one have been rejected. The one I haven't heard back from yet. I'm currently letting is sit because it's summer and I have a million other things going on right now. Last week however, I got some inspiration as to what changes it needs to make it better. Isn't that the ultimate goal? Make it sparkle and shine so bright it will draw attention.

The Fantasy YA Project- In world building & plotting stages. I'm usually a pantser, but there are three worlds involved in the story, which can be very complicated. I've written the first four chapters and working on the fifth. 15k of 60K goal.

New Ideas- Lots of them. And this brings me to the title of this post.

During the summer months, I tend to have an overly creative brain. I have about a bazillion stories floating through my head at any given time. That's why I started writing. To make ROOM. Most of the time when I get into one of my burning ideas, another pops up. It's really maddening. At first I thought maybe I'd been cursed with a serious case of creative ADD. Then I started cyber-stalking authors' blogs and twitter accounts and discovered that it's quite common. Each person deals with it differently.

Some authors block out everything else and just focus on the project on hand. Others, jump from project to project till one gets done. How they can keep anything straight is beyond me. Oh wait, I tend to jump from world to world too. But at least there is a method to my madness.

How I deal:
  • I treat these ideas like seeds and create a file in which I "plant" them in.
  • I "water" the seed by writing the first couple of chapters.
  • I "fertilize" the seed by including a details synopsis.
  • Then I leave the seed alone to germinate.
  • After several weeks, if I keep coming back to it and notice the seed has transformed into a seedling, I know I have something viable to work with.
My creative seasons usually run something like this:

Summer- ideas (seeds)
Fall- beginning of project (seedling)
Winter- project completed (transplanting into ground)
Spring- Editing/Submitting (Plant blooming/bearing fruit)

When I'm working on a project I dedicate myself to it solely, however if something should arise that seems interesting and worth exploring, I will give myself the freedom to pursue it till the seed is planted. Because if I don't, my focus on the main work in progress will not be fully present and there will be negative effects. This method seems to work for me.

How do you deal with creative ADD?

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