Friday, June 24, 2011

Seduced by Shadows and other things.

Hello Friends,

Again I apologize for the delay in my blogging. The month of June as been one big blur of birthdays, writing, anniversaries, writing, book events, plotting a possible new series, Father's day, editing, housewarming parties, editing, graduations, editing, traveling, editing, festivals, editing, friends having babies, editing and everything else in between.

I currently find myself in a hotel in Victoria, BC with a free moment to blog about the book which has filled my well during all of the madness of the month. Seduced by Shadows by Jessa Slade has been one of the most fascinating novels I've read in a long time.

Jessa has created a spectacular urban fantasy world based in Chicago. The way she describes the sights and sounds of the city, I thought I was there smelling the vile demonic creatures roaming the streets at night and freezing my butt off as the chilling winds off the gigantic lake sweep through the city in the late fall. Jessa's use of words is not only amazing but intellectual. She challenged my knowledge of vocabulary and therefore filled my well.

The main story is about Sera Littlejohn and Ferris Archer, one about to become demon possessed and the other already. Ferris is there for Sera who is going through the possession. Their chemistry is fiery and explosive. I loved the romance, but what attracted me most was the premise of the story. We're talking DEMONS here, BUT they are repentant demons. Basically they are fighting evil to win back favor with God. It's a concept I've wondered about all of my life. What if there were demons who realized they had totally gone wrong and wanted to repent? It's a fantastic idea to explore.

If you like urban fantasy with adrenaline pumping action and blazing romance weaved throughout, Seduced by Shadows is the book I STRONGLY recommend. This is the first book of The Marked Souls series. Forged in Shadows is the sequel. Vowed in Shadows is book three. All are available for purchase a your local book store or here.

And one of these days I'm going to post the crazy dream I had after reading the first chapter of Seduced. Till then I bid you farewell.


  1. Melania,

    I agree, this was a terrific book, full of surprises. Great read.

    Sounds like your June was typical of many of us. What is it about this month that inspires us to end and begin things, all of which need celebrated?


  2. Cathryn,
    I know! Every year June rolls around and then "poof" it's gone, because I was too busy running around doing things.
    Thanks for stopping by!