Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Little Magic Coming Your Way


It's been so long since I've blogged here I feel I have to reintroduce myself. Alas, I have only a few minutes before I need get my daughter to bed, finish some photo projects, create a holiday card, and get a few words written for current WIP. However in a nutshell:

2013 I had a baby, postpartum depression kicked my butt and scared away my fiction muse, 2014 I published my PPD journey, 2015 I published a mini pregnancy guide, I also blogged for Portland Moms Blog from March 2015 until now, August 2016 I graduated with a BS degree in Healthcare, and in October my fiction muse returned spawning a series of short stories, which leads me to this blog post.

I am equal parts excited and terrified to announce that December 21 (ish), 2016 I will be publishing my first fiction piece, Yule's Eve. This, my friends, is the first story of four that will be published in the next year! Oh, and the first story in my vampire world I created years ago, back when I first started this blog. Yes, you read correctly. It's a vampire story! Not the vampire story, but a prequel to the first novel to come out next fall.

Would you like to see the cover?

Of course, you do!

Here you go and I would like to thank Delle Jacobs for creating this gorgeous cover.

Stayed tune!


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