Friday, January 16, 2015

My favortie books of 2014

Normally I do this post at the end of the year, but the holidays, toddler, etc... Any who, here's the books I really enjoyed last year:

5. When We Touch Brenda Novak

4. When Lighting Strikes Brenda Novak

3. Marine for Hire Tawna Fenske

2. The Invisible Girls: A Memoir Sarah Thebarge

1. Down Came the Rain Brook Shields

As you can see my top two books were nonfiction and I don't have any paranormal on this list. I did read some paranormal, but didn't really enjoy the books as much as I normally do. Since I've had my daughter, I tend to gravitate to more heart-warming or romantic comedy. I listed Down Came the Rain as #1 because that book really helped me understand the postpartum depression I experienced the last couple of years. However December I started reading the Lord of Rings trilogy. It's a slow read, but I'm really enjoying every page. Tolkien was a freaking genius. I could live in middle earth forever and totally get the whole Tolkienite culture.
So what were your top five?

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