Monday, July 21, 2014

Holy Freaking July and Self-Publishing Madness.

Hey kids,

How are ya? Remember me, the ambitious writer who used to blog about books, the illusive art of novel creation, and the meaning of life? Yeah, well, she's still writing, but on other topics like breastfeeding, pregnancy, postpartum depression, doulas, birthing plans and all kinds of fantastic stuff people called mothers find interesting.

Last May my debut book came out Urban Goddess Mama on Kindle. Trying to get it out in print and other e-book formats has been a challenge. Mainly because I don't have the time to fiddle around with the formats and get the documents to pass the editing checks, but I'm working on getting them out there.

At the end of UGM I make a little announcement that Urban Goddess Mama-to-Be will be coming out November 2014. At the time I developed a timeline to keep me on schedule. That's what you do when you are self-publishing. In June I would start the book, have the bare bones down by the end of my writer's retreat that month, and have the rough draft ready for my beta readers by the end of July. The book is only going to be 20-25K. Easy-peasy, right?

This week I glanced at the calender and had a minor MAJOR freakout. July is more than half over and my current word count is only at 6K. Yeah. Yikes. So with that, I wave to you all and hope to come back in August with some sweet book reviews and more writing updates.

Ta-ta for now,

PS. BTW, I'm itching to get back into the world of fiction... More to come on that.

PSS. AND I'll also leave you with this adorable picture of my little lady at 18 months old.

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