Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whoa, It's February already?

I feel like the last month and a half have all happened in a week or less. This morning I woke up and realized I haven't blogged here in a while. Running two blogs can be a bit confusing to my mommy brain because I've written several posts here and was patting myself for being such a good little blogger with all the craziness going on around me.

Here's a sample of said craziness:

1. Snowmagedon 2014 happened in Portland. We don't get much snow in the city, but when we do people suddenly forget how to drive and do the most bizarre things like driving on the opposite side of the road to bypass the long string of stationary cars who are trying to get around the abandoned 4x4 SUV with low profile summer tires in the middle of a major street during peak traffic. It's times like these I question my loyalty to the human race. This picture was taken after I'd been in the car for two hours and only driven six mile. Ugh.

2. The good thing about snow in Portland is that there's lots of snow on the mountain. Last Christmas hubby gifted season passes so we've been skiing A LOT. Every other Friday we've been going up to the mountain and finishing the day with drinks and dinner at the ski lodge while grandparents watch the Boo Creature for us. It's our date day/night.

3. Speaking of the Boo Creature, we celebrated her 1st birthday last month. I still can't believe we have a toddler in our midst. Hearing her padding little footsteps through the house is music to my ears. Here's the remnants of her birthday cupcake.

 4. The fun part about having a toddler is shoe-shopping. Oh, yeah, got to start her early. She, of course, went for the pink slippers with sparkles and bling on them. This mama's heart swells with pride. The not so fun part about having a toddler is dealing with sickie bugs. We've been fighting some virus for the last month, each one of us taking turns being ill. But we still managed to go shoe-shopping. Priorities people!

5. I've been writing and doing lots of editing. I mean LOTS. You might remember me mentioning that I'm going to self-publish a memoir in February or March of this year. Turns out that self-publishing is a whole lot harder than I imagined. If I can get this book out by the end of March, it will be the miracle of the year. Currently I'm half way through the first round of edits. So far in my experience, I've gained a ginormous appreciation for all my self-publishing friends. People who look down their noses at the self-pub community have no clue what it really takes to get a book out there without the help of a publishing company. It's loads of work and stress. There have been many times I almost wanted to scrap the project all together, but if there's anything I've written that I believe in, it's this book.

I'm also working on a New Adult contemporary which I'll focus more after I get Urban Goddess Mama out.  More to come on this project. :)

That pretty much sums up the last couple of months.  I'll try to be better blogger. But hey at least I have a good excuse- I'm writing, which is a good thing.

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