Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm back!

Well, sort of. Just wanted to drop in and give you all an update. First of all, remember in my last post I mentioned a very important exam for day job? I'm proud to say I passed and am a certified tumor registrar. So happy to have that out of my hair.

As for writing. I've got three things going on. 1. A super secret project that is about 80% complete and when it's ready to publish, I'll share more. 2. Still editing/revising The Vampire Novelist. Actually I'm working on the second book, because I'm hoping it will help me with the first one, if that make any sense. 3. I'm dabbling a bit into children's books, the hardest challenge EVER. People who say writing a children's book is fluff, aught to be flogged. It's like flash fiction but worse. The less words you can use the better, but they can't been too fancy or over the top that a child can't understand either.

All in all I'm still trying to find a balance between motherhood, day job, and pursing my dream of being a published author. I haven't been blogging much here because I'm blogging more at my other site Urban Goddess Revealed these days as I want to share my experience as a mom.

Most of all I'm super excited about Fall, my favorite time of year. Of course I have to share a picture of my darling little pumpkin.

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