Sunday, November 6, 2011

1st Sunday Snipets

Happy November! I just got back from our cabin retreat where I wrote, wrote, wrote. As you can see we had our first snow and it was perfect weather to be sitting by the fire with a cup of hot coco and tipper tappering away my next novel.

November means NaNoWriMo! You can click on the link to watch my progress. You can read the synopsis to get a general idea of what I'm writing about. And for my snippet this month, I'm sharing a scene between Eva and her cousin Marcella playing around in the library. Please note, this has been written recently and has not been edited or polished. Besides that enjoy.

Taking a series of deep breaths like I do at the beginning of yoga class, I relaxed my body and emptied my mind of all thoughts save one—move two inches to the right, you damn bowl.
I repeated those words several times and realized that maybe I was being pretty rude. So I switched tactics.  Please move two inches to the right, dear beautiful bowl full of delectable sugar.

After a minute of that, I realized flattery wasn’t the key to success. Once again I changed my approach.

I command you to move. NOW. I focused everything. My teeth ground together and my fists squeezed so tight my nails dug into my flesh. If I hadn’t been so focused I would have noticed the pain in my palms. 

Nothing happened and by this time I had had enough. I proved my inability to move objects telepathically. 

“Grrr, whatever. I give up.” I waved a hand and got up. After sitting in one place focused so intently I needed to get up and move around. My body felt drained of energy.
I had just turned toward the window when I heard the crash of breaking ceramic on the floor. 

Thanks for reading!



  1. Nice. Love the hook at the end. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like you were in a perfect place to get some writing done!

  3. Thanks, Lia.

    Kathleen, it was the perfect place. Someday I'll write a supernatural story based in Eastern Oregon. :)