Friday, March 4, 2011


My dear readers,
You might notice that I changed the title of my blog. It used to say "fangs, fabric, food, fiction, and fun!"
Fangs, well, that's obvious! I'm obsessed with vampires, in case you haven't noticed.
Originally I had included fabric, because I was hoping to include some of my sewing projects occasionally in the blog. But it turns out, I have no time to sew and really that isn't something I'm passionate about. Now don't get me wrong. I'm completely in love with the idea of being a goddess of the textile craft, but when it comes down to it, I'd rather read a book or write.
The food part is that I really like to eat and I love food. Who doesn't? I love to make stuff for people, whether it's cooking, baking, or canning. Last fall I canned sixteen half pints and nine pints of salsa which I gave out as Christmas presents.

This year I'm going to jam blackberries from my parent's property. Canning is a lot of work, but the end result is so well worth the effort. Kind of like writing.

Fiction is also a given. That's what I write!

And fun, because the above elements bring loads of fun into my life.

I now replaced fabric with felines. Felines play an important role in my life. I dedicate this post to the two felines that are at the center of my world. Meet Mitzu:

Mitzu came into my life over ten years ago when I was living in Ohio, going to college, and had just broken up with my first serious boyfriend. He was just a kitten and I hadn't expected him, but that's how cats work. They pick their human. He has been such a faithful companion and eventually helped me find my husband (the only boyfriend, I brought home that he didn't hiss at). Funny, they both have the same personality. In case you are wondering, Mitzu is sort for "mitulica" (pronounced mitzuleeka), which means "kitty-cat" in Romanian. He is definitely mama's boy. :)

Meet Earl:

Yup, that's Earl in his favorite position. He's lazy. He's feisty. He's a sweetheart. He's the devil incarnate. He's the apple of my eye. He's the biggest pain in my ass. He's stubborn as hell. He's the most affectionate cat. He's aggressive. He's playful. He's everything and anything. With Earl, there are no limits or bounds when he sets he's mind to something. He can give you the glare that would make the hairs on your neck stand straight, but he can also make you melt in your tracks with one look. My husband says his personality is quite similar to me. I'd beg to differ, except for he's right.
Earl came to us a few months after our wedding. He chose us and never left. Well, he has made a couple of sly attempts to sneak out and given me several of proper scares. Earl is the best thing that has happened to all of us. Mitzu may disagree with that statement, but even he's more happier, more alive, and WAY more playful now.

So there you have it. My two feline friends. How does this tie into writing? Those two furry beasts are the best friends a writer could ever wish for. When I'm in my writing mode, they like to lay on the couch on either side of me or on my lap if I'm at my desk. It's as if they are trying to hold me down and force me write. They are the loves of my life.

Nothing new to report on the writing front, except for that I'm neck deep into revisions and editing of my untitled romance book. However, I'm taking a day or two a week to work on the The Vampire Novelist. It seems that when I'm working on one, I get inspiration for the other on how to fix certain scenes or chapters. So I've been switching between the two. I'm leaning more towards The Vampire Novelist. That book reflects my style more than the other. How I'm keeping either story straight, I have no idea. I might be driving myself into an insane asylum, but so far it's working. If it ain't broken, I ain't fixin' it.


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