Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here we go!

Hello World!
For many years I've read other people's blabberings about chickens, crocheting, writing, cooking, traveling, religious/political view points, etc..... After watching Julie and Julia and reading others blogs as they attempt to complete projects, I thought "Why not?" Everybody else and their mother is sharing something on the web, why can't I?
Just like Julie Powell wondered what could she blog about, I asked the same question. What am I doing that someone might give a hoot about? Really, now. I live a quite boring life. Every morning, I get up and work in a file room of a hospital. When my shift is done, I ride the public transportation back home to my "lovely" neighborhood, where I am greeted by my two feline friends when I step through my front door. I check my email, feed the kitties, water my outdoor patio garden (if its that time of the year), fix something to eat, pack the next days lunches for my hubby and I, do whatever else needs to be done and then *pause for suspense* it happens....
Just as it begins to get dark outside, the inspiration begins to flow. Yup it all happens at night (or sometimes when I've filled the 200th ER visit). From the dark shadows characters emerge, plots unravel, mysteries tease, magic begins to spin, scenes begin to play over the screen of my mind, and I become completely absorbed in my fantasy world. Some nights its a flash flood. Others are more of a pitter patter of gentle rain. But one thing is for certain, if I don't write some of these visions down, they remain trapped in that thick skull of mine causing all sorts of mischief and mayhem to my sanity.
Okay so maybe my writing is a form of therapy. Well, let me tell ya, it sure has saved me loads of buckaroos!! So my point is why the hell not share with the world my "adventures?" And not just about writing a vampire novel, but other wonderful tidbits of information that I learn along the way?
So I welcome you into my crazy world and hope that you enjoy the ride as much as I do.

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